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Bespoke Telephone Maintenance | Pay As You Go Maintenance Services

Telephone Maintenance are able to provide your business with a Bespoke Telephone Maintenance Contract if one of our standard tariffs is not suitable for you. As one of Englands leading providers of Phone Maintenance Services, Telephone Maintenance urge you to call us for a quotation before you commit to renewal of your existing Maintenance Agreement.

Telephone Maintenance provides UK Businesses with maintenance on almost any make and model of telephone system. Our Engineers are skilled and highly trained engineers, allowing us to give you a prompt and efficient maintenance service wherever your business may be located.

Unlike the majority of our competitors, Telephone Maintenance can also offer your business the option of a pay as you go tariff which is ideal for customers who cannot commit to an ongoing agreement. Although this is not necessarily the cheapest option, pay as you go cover is an effective way to minimise the risk of downtime, loss of business and at the same time allows you to gain the convenience of a single point of contact for the support of your Telephone System.

No matter what Telephone System you use give us a call if you have any Bespoke Maintenance Requirements. For most small companies a Telephone System is a critical business tool that is used extensively for over 275 days a year. What are the consequences to your company if you spent just a single day without incoming or outgoing calls? Complete system failure is something that happens to many businesses. Can your business afford to be without maintenance cover?

Our other maintenance packages are listed below

  1. Bronze Telephone Maintenance

    Our cheapest Maintenance Plan is the Bronze Package. It still offers full parts, labour and technical support from Monday to Friday which is suitable for most companies. Minor faults are responded to within 16 hours.

  2. Silver Telephone Maintenance

    If your System is maybe larger than usual and you want a faster response when you log a fault, Silver Cover is suited as it cuts the technical response time to 2 Hours. Minor faults are also responded to within 8 hours.

  3. Gold Telephone Maintenance

    If your Telephone System is critical then Gold Maintenance is the only real option. You will be speaking to a real Telephone Engineer within 1 Hour who will do everything possible to get your system back up and running swiftly.

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